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Orthodontic Treatment

For both adults and children orthodontic treatment is an effective way to help
your teeth look their best. The goal when having braces is to provide you
with a beautiful smile as well as healthy teeth.

The first step in orthodontic treatment is to book a comprehensive
orthodontic consultation. At this appointment digital photos, study
models and the necessary radiographs are taken so that we can
evaluate and explain the details of the treatment needed.

Our patients can choose traditional metal brackets or the more
aesthetically pleasing tooth coloured brackets.

After your teeth are straightened and aligned we will fit you with custom
made retainers to prevent any relapse in your beautiful new smile.


We also offer Invisalign orthodontics - a revolutionary way to deliver
a stunning smile in a convenient and non-invasive manner. With
Invisalign Orthodontics you are able to get the smile you want without
most people even noticing you have anything in your mouth.
Invisalign treatment consists of a series of trays that are custom
made to gradually straighten your teeth.